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The Tour

The Tour

Photo from Pexels by Kelly
The final exam was just over and Binay Tamang was resting in his room.Binu,as nicknamed by his friends, was a local dweller of Dharan, a beautiful city in the eastern Nepal inside the deep forest. This city has a different charm since it’s a hill station with a unique ambience. He had a family that included his mom, father and a sister named Meriska.Binay was an open man surrounded by jovial circle of friends. Having done with the exams, he was planning for something to refresh his mind in between that two week gap, but was clueless. His parents didn’t like him being away from them so frequently.However, his superb convincing power always made them consent to what he said, especially if he had to stay out of the house though they used to express reluctance in the beginning. He was scanning through different channels, but found nothing interesting. Just then, the mobile rang. It was a call from Nayan Sharma, his classmate.
“Hello, Nayan.What’s up?”
“I’m good.”
     Without much ado, Nayan came to the point.
“Binu, we’re planning for a trip to Kathmandu on bike. Will you join us?”
“Trip to Kathmandu on bike? I’d love to join, but I don’t think my parents will allow me for that.”
“That’s your part. You can take a day to decide and inform me whether it’s affirmative or negative.”
      The call was hung and that left Binay completely tensed. It wasn’t because he couldn’t convince, but because this time the tour was on bike and above that the destination was very long, Kathmandu.For sure convincing his parents this time was going to be like chewing iron beaten rice, but beyond that was an unprecedented adventure for him. He went near his parents. Yet he dwindled getting on with the topic.
“Is there any problem Binay?”asked his mother.
“Just wanted to take permission with you.”
     As he said this, his father’s interest also grew and he too approached near. The plan was fully explained, but they didn’t speak a word. The dawn of hope was overwhelmed by the dusk of despondency. That was a too long journey and they would have agreed had that been a bus trip. To this plan, it was a big no.Thereafter, he went to his room and told everything to Nayan on the phone.
“As a whole, they disagreed because this is going to be a bike tour,” said Nayan after hearing everything from Binay.
“Don’t worry. I’ll do something. By the way Nayan, how many participants will be there?”
“If you bring your bike, there will be six of us in three bikes.Nimesh,Rajat,Dipak and Nischal will join us that very day.”
“What’s the date for the trip?”
“April 1.”
   Hearing the date, Binay’s face lit up and he hung the phone. He went to his parents and told them that the trip would be made by a bus since the plan was changed. Even though they had promised to let him go had that been a bus trip, the same reluctance ruled over them.Nonetheless,they had to surrender. Two days before the trip his bike broke down and he had to take it to the servicing center to get that in order. It was a cruise bike and he loved it more than any of his possessions. The part of that bike wasn’t in the showroom and he was informed that it would take a week to repair it.Hence, he left the bike in the showroom thinking that it would be repaired by the time he returned. On April 1,the day of tour, he woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to Nayan’s house.
“But Binay, why doesn’t that bus pick you up from here?” asked his mother.
“Because it has a different route. It goes from Chatara to Sindhuli and then directly to Kathmandu.”
“Is that new road good to travel?” added his father.
"Dont worry, dad. The driver wouldn’t have risked his life to drive through that road had it been unsuitable. It’s smooth and well pitched as well as  shorter than the one from Koshi barrage.”
    Nayan came to receive him and then they went from there after bidding farewell to the parents. Having reached Nayan’s home, Binay’s face glistened up in a different way.
  “Finally, I made it. Other times I was fooled, but this time I’ve fooled my parents on April 1,” Binay spoke.
   He uncovered his bike that was in Nayan’s garage. He had lied his parents that his bike was broken. It was his plan to keep his bike at Nayan’s home so that the trip could be made on a bike.
“Where are the others?”
“They’re coming,” replied Nayan.
     In a few minutes, Nimesh came there, but there were no Rajat and Dipak.Seeing him alone, Nayan and Binay asked at the same time,”Where are Deepak and Rajat?”
    Nimesh’s  face was down hearing the question.
“They’ve betrayed us. Though the commitment was made to go together, they cancelled it today when I went to their house saying that they didn’t like the idea.”
“I thought I fooled my parents, but the two of them have celebrated April fool in the perfect way with us.Nevertheless, the trip will take place. No cancellation.”
  Now there were only three participants in two bikes though the original one was planned for six in three bikes. Nayan decided to go with Nimesh while Binay had to make a solo drive. At around six in the morning, the bikes headed towards Kathmandu. Soon they reached Chatara and the real joy started. That newly constructed road from Chatara that directly joined Bhiman in Sindhuli was the most beautifully constructed highway. There were no pot holes and didn’t have heavy traffic. Driving through the highway gave them the feeling of driving on a European road. On reaching Katari, they observed a group of people facing a problem. Their bus had broken down and they were in trouble since that day no public buses were running properly because of the strike made by a political party. The bus was also heading to Kathmandu and the passengers were asking for carpooling or bike pooling, whatever was accessible to them.
     Among them was a girl, who rushed to Binay as soon as he reached there.
“”Excuse me,” she said.
  As she approached him, he observed her carefully. She seemed to be in her early twenties and was dressed in plain kurta salwar.Her soberness and simplicity was reflected from the way she had dressed up.
“Yes.What can I do for you?”
“I was going to Kathmandu, but unfortunately the bus broke down. Will you take me to Kathmandu if you’re going there? Don’t worry about money. I’ll pay you the exact fare that is required from here to Kathmandu.”
While she said this, Nayan and Nimesh were near him. They were looking at him in mocking way, the type of gesture that boys generally make on seeing any of their friends while talking to a girl. Binay was trying his best to ignore them knowing about it.
“Where is your destination?” Binay asked.
“Koteshwor, Kathmandu.”
    Coincidently, they were also going there and he told her to join him. She became so happy and that was reflected in her face. She fetched her small bag from the bus and the solo drive changed into a companion drive.
“Where are you from?” Binay asked.
“I’m from Dhankuta.I’ve my MBBS entrance exam tomorrow. If I don’t reach there today, I have to wait for the next year. Thank you so much.”
“It’s all right.”
   In course of their conversation, he got to know that her name was Pranisha Lama. Her father was Administrative Officer at Education Office in Dhankuta while mom was a housewife. Her brother had a business of import and export. That was an ideal family since everyone was well settled. Time to time, he kept on looking at her in the mirror. Her hair flew in the air and she managed it every time it flew. This scene made him overjoyed. On the way, they stopped at different places to capture the beautiful moments. She was also captured in lens though she was unwilling initially. As they arrived at Chiyabari, they decided to have food.Binay’s attention was captured by her continuously. It was being noticed by Nayan and Nimesh, but they didn’t say anything about it. Binay took several pictures of her without her notice. After having food, the journey was resumed. Binay wanted to talk to her, but hesitated as she wasn’t talking so much.
“By the way, you didn’t say anything about yourself,” she said.
    A golden opportunity for Binay was given by her to make conversation as she said this.
“Sorry. I forgot to tell. I’m Binay Tamang from Dharan.I’m pursuing M.Sc in Microbiology from Dharan.”
“And what about your parents?”
"My dad is a retired army officer while mom is a housewife like yours. I’m the only child of my parents.”
  Saying this, the conversation came to a pause for a while and then Binay began again.
“Don’t you think our families have got common things?”
“Sorry.I didn’t get you.”
“I mean your dad is a Government officer and mine is a retired army officer. Both our moms are housewives and you’re a future MBBS student while I’m a future microbiologist. The ideal quality that people search for in a typical family is a common trait in your as well as my family.”
  Upon hearing the answer, she said nothing and kept on radiating her face with a smile. Probably she had understood what he was intending to say. Binay was told by his parents to settle finding a suitable match, but he never paid attention to it. The reason was that he never found someone matching his expectation. That day he felt as if the right match was found and she was from his own background as well. After travelling a few hours ahead, they stopped at a tea stall as everyone was feeling sleepy and tired. They were roughly a few hours away from their destination.
“Binay, what would you like to drink?” asked Nimesh.
“Binay has already drunk so much today from his eyes. I don’t think he will drink anything now,” replied Nayan sarcastically with a smile on his face.
   Pranisha heard it and pretended as if she hadn’t as she was a bit further from them when Nayan had said this. Binay called her to join them which she did. In that short break, Binay sent those pictures he had taken secretly to his mom with the inquiry “How’s your daughter-in-law?” There was no reply as it wasn’t seen by her. Binay started his bike for resuming the journey and waited for Pranisha to join when he realized that his phone was missing. Just then Pranisha brought it as it was left on the table. Thank God it was safe in her hand and she was thanked. In less than two hour, they reached Koteshwor.She told him to take the bike side as her destination had come.
       The scene that followed was beyond expectation. Pranisha loosened her hair, took out her black goggles and a lipstick. She looked at the mirror in the bike and applied it on her lips. Then something fell down from her bag.
“Your possession has fallen down,” Binay said and stooped to fetch it. That made him totally awestruck because that was a packet of cigarette.
“Oh, yes.Please, give me that.”
      She took the packet, took out a cigarette and smoked after lighting it. She fetched out her mobile phone as well.
“Come, let’s take a selfie.”
    She went near him, made a pout and took a selfie with a cigarette in her hand.
“And yes. What were you saying? Yours and mine family have ideal qualities? I’m an orphan and by the way I’m a call girl. I saw your mobile when you had forgotten it since it wasn’t locked. My pictures were sent to your mom saying that daughter-in-law was found. Let me send this recently snapped picture as I have saved her number. Let’s see how ideal I’m for you and your family.”
   It left the trio guys dumbstruck. They felt as if they were numbed by the flow of a high volt electric current. She dialed a number and within a few minutes, a man came to receive her. He gave her a wad of ten thousand rupees and then she signaled him to stay there for a while.
“Do you see that man? He’s my customer for today. I don’t take anything in credit. Here’s you payment.”
    She took out two thousand rupees and kept it in Binay’s pocket.
“If you ever have the desire for physical pleasure, call me. I’ve saved my number in your mobile. Just keep one thing in mind.Get ready with money if it ever happens to you because I’ve no time for penniless people. And don’t worry. I won’t send those pictures to your mom as I’ve my own principles and I know my limitations well. Next time I won’t pay you for sitting on your bike. You’ve to pay me.”
The man drove her away while Binay watched her being out of sight. Right then he got a ring from his mom. As soon as he received it, she started talking even without asking where he was.
“Binay,I saw your message just now. She’s so beautiful and I hope that her behavior and conduct is as beautiful as her face. When are you showing her in real? I’m so much excited to see her.”
  Binay couldn’t speak a word and kept on listening.
“Binay, are you there? Why aren’t you speaking?”
 “Yes, mom.I’m here.Mom, tell me one thing. What’s the date today?”
“”April 1.Why?”
    As she said this, she got hold of what Binay was intending to say.
“I’ve fooled you as it’s April fool today. Will you believe if I send a picture of a random girl saying that she’s your daughter-in-law? For that, a long process is required and above all how I can surpass your consent.”
    She said nothing after hearing this as she was confirmed that she was really fooled.
“Have you reached Kathmandu?”
“Yes, mom.Just now.”
“And how was the bus journey via the new route?”
     Upon hearing that question, he gave a long sigh and replied, “It was awesome.”
   After talking for some minutes, she hung the phone. Binay, Nimesh and Nayan looked at each other and started laughing. That was the greatest April fool someone had ever observed with Binay.

Sandeep Kattel

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Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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