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The Energy Bus

The Energy Bus

Every Monday George hurried to his office in his car. But on Monday his car tire went flat on the way. So he went back home, but neither his wife nor his neighbor Dave could give him a lift to the office. It was because his wife had a busy schedule that day and his neighbor, Dave had already gone. So he went to the bus stop and waited for the bus number 11. The bus was driven by a lady driver called Joy who had a smile on her face. She knew from George that he used to work at the NRG Company and his tire was flat due to which he had taken the bus. The bus consisted of positive minded people and Joy was the Energy Ambassador of the bus who used to fill the mind of people with positivity even if though they were in very negative circumstances.
        That evening George went to the car repairing center. There he knew that because the other parts of car were damaged as well, it would take him two weeks to get the car repaired. When he walked home, he thought about his marital life which was going to be destroyed.  Also the productivity at work was decreasing due to which he could be thrown out away from the job at any time. Next morning on Tuesday, he woke up being stressed and feeling tired as usual. He decided to take the bus number 11 to office though his wife had offered him to give a lift to the office. When he boarded into the bus that day, he didn’t see Joy in the bus. Rather there was another man driving the bus and the atmosphere on the bus was quite dull as there was no smile and conversation among the passengers that day. The next day Joy came back as driver which brought back the smile on his face as well as that of other passengers. George learnt that Joy used to go to attend her sick father on Tuesdays. When Joy knew that George’s professional life as well as marital life was at risk, she promised to teach him the ten rules for making life better and happier in the next two weeks.
            The first rule that George was taught about was that “You’re the driver of your bus.”It  means if  we  don’t take the control and responsibility of our life properly, we can’t reach anywhere. For this we need the support, advice and direction from each   other.  Why do a   number of people end up doing the 9-5 job in spite of their unwillingness? It’s because they lack vision about what they actually want due  to which this situation  is created. 
The next Morning on Tuesday, George was taught about the Rule #2 which said “Desire, vision and focus move your bus in the right direction.” In order to get proper vision, it’s important to surround ourselves with energetic people who will motivate us .Also it’s important to write down our vision on a piece of paper which will give the energy to create the life we want. We have to focus on our vision for ten minutes and imagine ourselves creating everything we wrote down on that paper. This is called the law of attraction. It means the more we think about something, the more it shows up in our lives. Our mind is a magnet which helps to attract what we think about. For example-we often spend our holidays in the way we plan. It’s because our thoughts convert it into reality by manifesting what we want. So it’s important to spend time thinking about what we want in our life. George was now in the same positive energy bus as he had started focusing on his vision. 
But he still expressed his doubt about how he could stay positive being surrounded by negative people. So  to make him understand about it, he was shown the Rule #3 which said “Fuel your ride with positive energy. "It means it’s important to focus on positivity even in negative situation or circumstances. For example –we might have stress in job but we must be thankful thinking that at least we’re still employed. We often get stuck in the traffic in our car but we have to be thankful thinking at least we don’t have to walk miles every day. George was given a book called ‘That Energy Bus’ which he started reading when he reached office. The book said that we have to grateful for what we have which will create positive vibes. Then he took a walk around his office being grateful for everything he had and returned back. In fact, the more he felt grateful for what he had, the more energized he felt. We have to be like golf players who focus on one right shot to get victory rather than numerous wrong shots. Instead of being sad for what we don’t have, we have to be grateful for what we have.
  On Friday, George boarded on the bus number 11 like a fully inspired man. Then he was shown about the Rule #4 which said “Invite more people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead.”It means if we want to get our target, we must create a team of positive mindset people by clarifying them about our goals. So Joy told George to motivate the team for the launching of the bulb. However, he informed Joy about the negativity that dominated his whole team. Listening this, Joy encouraged him to clearly communicate his vision about the team so that everyone could be clarified where they were going. For this he needed to go to the website and print out an e-ticket. In that e-ticket he was to type the following custom message, “Now that you know where my bus is going and you are clear for the road ahead, if you are ready to get on my bus, return the ticket with your name on it to my office Monday morning by 9 A.M. He printed the tickets from the website and distributed that ticket with the same message as told by Joy. He was now in suspense who would stay in the team and who would leave. Two co-workers in the office, Michael and Jamie said that they were not in the team. He got the greatest shock when he knew that Jose, a guy who always thought betterment of the company, decided to leave the team. On the other hand, Larry and Tom, who had always created problem for the team all the time, decided to stay in the team. Larry and Tom used to keep on fighting and complaining about everything else. George was totally energy less seeing this as they had only four days left for the launching of the NRG light bulb.
    Seeing George’s face on Tuesday morning, Joy knew that things didn’t go well at his office. When he told that his team was filled with negative minded people, she told him to remove the negativity inside them. So she showed him Rule #5 which said, “Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on the bus.” It means if there are some negative minded people who don’t want to stay on the team, it’s better to take them out. It’s because such people decrease the productivity of the team. Also there are such people who want to work in the team but they always keep on criticizing make other people feel worthless. They are called ‘Energy Vampires’ as they drain out all the positivity from us. That’s where the Rule #6 should be applied which says that, “No energy vampires are allowed.” It means one must be strict enough to cut off such negative minded people from the team. We can move ahead succeed when our vision and positive energy are greater than everyone’s doubt. In fact, positive energy is like muscles. The more we use it, the stronger it gets.
   George reached office and arranged a meeting with Larry, Tom, Michael, Jamie and Jose. He tools Larry and Jamie that if they didn’t stop their negativity in the team, they would be sacked off and they agreed to stay on the team being positive. Then he fired Michel and Tom. It was a difficult thing to do but George took his stand this time. Finally came the turn of Jose. From Jose, George knew that he wanted to quit the company because George had never acknowledged the hard labor made by him for the company. He was never appreciated or given a promotion in the office in spite of his hard labor. George accepted his mistake and then requested Jose to give him a chance so that he could prove he cared for Jose and Jose agreed. The next day George walked to the bus in an excited mood. Joy then told him that we must have good emotions. Emotions literally stand for ‘Energy in Motion.’ We have to charge ourselves with positive energy. She also advised him to be the CEO of the NRG Company. Here, CEO doesn’t mean Chief Executive Officer. It means Chief Energy Officer. A Chief Energy Officer is the one who shares positive, powerful and contagious energy with his co-workers, employees and customers. The Rule #7 was also based on the same principle and it said that, “Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.” Chief Energy Officers fill the people with positivity, optimism and they teach to find opportunity in every challenge. According to Daniel Goleman, the author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, “A positive company with a positive culture will outperform their negative competitors every time.” So the key to success lies in positive energy and enthusiasm.
          As the bus moved ahead, there was a signboard that said ‘Love is the answer’ and Joy said that the Rule #8 was also based on the same signboard and the rule is, “Love your passengers.”It means we need to care about everyone associated with our business. Making the team members feel the love for them will motivate them to stay in the team. The same love was needed for Jose as well. Hence, Joy advised George to show that he cared for Jose by giving him a promotion. At the elevator in his office, George met with Michael who requested to give him a second chance and George agreed. That night he reached home at 3 AM in the morning as he had stayed at office with Jose and Michael discussing some important things. Hence, he missed his bus and this made him sad as there was only one day left for the presentation of the launch of NRG bulb light. However, when he reached office, he saw a letter from Joy kept on the table which contained the Rule #9 that said, “Drive with purpose.” Purpose gives excitement and passion changing the ordinary situations into the most extraordinary one. Then a meeting was called in which the team members were told to formulate a shared purpose and vision. Within an hour the team came up with three central purposes which everyone agreed upon. All of them stayed in the office up to 2AM working together on the strategies of launching their product which delighted George because his bus was going in the right direction.
      On Friday, which is on the presentation day, George was happy as everything was on the track including his relation with wife. He was also happy for the changes brought to him by the team of Joy in the bus. On Friday, he was shown the final rule, which is Rule #10 which said, “Have fun and enjoy the ride.”Every one of us shares a common destination which is death. We often fight over several matters like wealth, land, borders and so on. We forget to enjoy and have fun. Hence, we should live our life happily and joyfully instead of stressing over possessions and wealth. George’s office arrived and Joy gave him a big hug wishing him best of luck. George was overcast by fear and nervousness as the top executives were sitting in front of him to see the presentation. Meanwhile he recalled the thing told by Joy that our positive energy must be greater than anyone’s negative energy. Then he was calm and one of the best product launch presentation was delivered. The top executives congratulated the whole team and then they had a small celebration in the noon. Thereafter, he went to the mechanic’s to take his car. He was thankful that the car’s tire had punctured because if it hadn’t punctured, he wouldn’t have learnt about those ten life changing rules. Though his car was repaired now, he decided to go by bus to his office from then. It was because he felt that the journey by bus is much funnier than by car. Then he thanked them all and gave them those rules by printing to be kept in the bus so that everyone in the bus could read them.

Sandeep Kattel

Blog Writer

Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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