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The Cosmopolitan Cemetery

The Cosmopolitan Cemetery

Noah Muller had a small beautiful house in Wengen, a small village located at the foot of Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland. A young boy of twenty-five, he lived with his parents, Liam Muller and Eva Muller. An enthusiast in traveling, he had already visited over twenty-five countries in his vacations. A tech freelancer by profession, he was not confined to a job often to five which provided him enough freedom to travel which he always pined for. Besides, he also ran a travel blog that would generate enough earning that he never needed to ask for expenses with his parents. Freelancing for several months, Noah was able to collect enough money for the travel expenses and all that he needed was choosing his destination. Liam and Eva knew about their only son's zeal for traveling and hence, they never stopped him. The couple themselves had traveled to several countries in their youth and was aware of the refreshmeis it provided. For them, it was also the best way to adapt oneself to the cosmopolitan culture which helped in developing a sense of respect for the folks and traditions around the globe.

      In the evening, Noah loved going for a walk in some nearby park. When he came home, he was sweating and went to his room directly. At that time Eva was busy with chores when Liam approached her.

'Eva, have you noticed one thing about Noah this time?'

'Nope. Is there anything noteworthy in the way he is these days?'

'He hasn't told me about his travel plan. He even hasn't told us where he's going this year.'

'Probably he hasn't decided yet.'

  In his room, Noah was busy in a video call with someone, most probably with an overseas friend as reflected through his conversation. Having completed the chat, he came to his parents with an illuminated face.

'Noah, why is there a radiance in your face?' asked Liam.

'Dad, have you got any idea about my travel plan this year? I mean any prediction where I'm going this time in vacation?'

Turning to Eva Liam said, 'Here you are. He has come to the point finally which we had discussed just a while ago. Mr. Globetrotter, what's your destination this year?'

'I'm visiting Switzerland this year'.'

Eva interrupted him at this reply.

'Are you crazy? Isn't this Switzerland?'

'Mom, first listen to me. I'm talking about another Switzerland located in Asia.'

'Which country is that?' inquired Liam and Eva in the same voice anxiously.

'I'm traveling to Nepal.'

'Wow! Nepal. That's a fantastic destination. I've also heard and seen about it on internet where there are many beautiful places and mountains like our Switzerland,' Liam said.

'I guess the world's tallest mountain, Mount Everest is also there, right?'

'Yes, dad. Just a while ago I was talking with one of my friends from there, Hari Sharma, an inhabitant of Kathmandu, Nepal. He lives in the Godavari. It would be wonderful exploring the land of brave Gorkhas.'

'If only we could too visit there,' said Liam.

    For a few days, Noah was engaged in going to the Nepalese Embassy to get the visa stamped and after the completion of overall formalities, his visa was granted. His flight to Nepal was scheduled for October 9, 2019. Therafter, he packed up everything required for his travel.

'Noah, don't forget to keep in touch. If you want to enjoy there really, don't forget to explore the trekking to Everest Base Camp, hiking, and other adventurous trips,' Liam suggested.

'Don't worry dad. I've already made a listing of places that shouldn't be missed.'

'Also be careful. You might be in danger,' added Eva.

'Don't worry my caring parents. I'm going to visit the land of brave Gorkhas and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. So just relax. Nothing will happen to me.'

   Days passed on and Noah's departure day arrived. He packed his belongings and his parents went to see him off. In half an hour, they saw his plane taking off and waved an unseen goodbye to Noah. On the plane, Noah kept on thinking about Nepal and planning different things he would do there. Nearly after a day of air travel through several transits, the plane landed on the lap of the Himalayas. As he came out of the plane, he anonymously exclaimed 'Wow! What a beautiful place!' which drew the attention of some other people in his proximity causing a smile on their faces. It was Kathmandu, the capital, which was a valley surrounded by hills and mountains.

'The admirer of beauty in the heaven of the world,' he thought to himself.

  A bus came that took all the passengers to the main airport building. From there he went to a telephone booth at the airport and called a number given by his friend, Hari Sharma. As he called Hari, he arrived there in no time since he had already been there after knowing about Noah's date of arrival.

'Hello, Noah. Namaste,' Hari approached near Noah.

'Na'm'Sorry I didn't get you,' replied Noah.

'It's Namaste. The typical way of saying hello in Nepali.' As Hari said this, he joined hands and put on his forehead to show the way it's done.

'So, finally, I am here to let you a golden chance to host me and a golden chance also for me to visit this piece of heaven given to you in the form of your country.'

'It's our culture to treat our guests as we believe that 'Atithi Devo Bhava which means in Sanskrit 'Guests are the incarnation of God.' You will cherish every moment here.'

They came out of the airport building ad Hari called a taxi. On the way, Noah enjoyed the sightseeing while they continued their gossips. After half an hour of driving, the car took a 'U-Turn' towards a residential area inside the forest. It was called the Godavari and it was around the periphery of the same place that Hari had his home. He was informed that the Godavari was actually a botanical garden which was an abode to various rare species of floras and faunas. There are more than two hundred species of butterfly alone.Hari also described the religious significance of the garden. Looking at the panoramic scenes of hills, he got the glimpse of his own country, Switzerland. Finally, the destination arrived. As they came out of the taxi, a lady, probably Hari's, wife, arrived. Before she could say anything Noah said, 'Namaste.'

Wow! You know it?' asked Hari's wife in surprise.

Noah nodded with a lit up face.

'By the way, she is my better half, Mamata and Mamata, he's my foreign friend, Noah.'Hari introduced both of them to each other. Meanwhile their two children also came out of their room and greeted Noah. Thereafter, Noah refreshed himself up and by that time it was already seven in the evening.Mamata served the typical Nepali food rice and lentil along with meat and traditional Nepali pickle of 'Gundruk' which Noah gulped with chow. He was offered a cozy room to sleep.

'Noah, see our virtual contact has now turned into face to face meeting. I'd never imagined you would be here someday,' Hari said.

'Neither had I. You know this was an abrupt plan. I had decided to go somewhere else but was lured to visit here since I had heard many times about it from the people of my country. This country is quite similar to my country. I still feel that I'm in Switzerland. May be the hills and the mountains are the reasons for this.'

'Yes, that's the point. Okay. For now make yourself comfortable and sleep well. We'll talk tomorrow.'

'That would be appreciable.'

Thereafter, everyone went to bed. The next day Hari and his wife got early in the morning as they were used to of it. Noah was a bit tired. So he slept for a little longer time and was woken up by the sharp sound of metal. He woke up, went out of the room and saw that Hari and Mamata were busy in doing something.

'Good morning, Noah. Did you have a sound sleep?' asked Hari.


He observed Hari with a very keen curiosity. He saw that Hari had robed a piece of cloth on his waist, a thread on his body and something red on his forehead. Realizing Noah's curious glance at his looks,Hari knew Noah needed an explanation about it.

'See Noah,' Hari began. 'This is the way of worshipping God by we all, the hindus.The cloth that I have robed around my heap is called 'Dhoti' which is worn at the time of worshipping God and this thread on my body is sacred thread called 'Janai'.The red mark on my forehead is 'Tika' which is made from vermillion powder and sandalwood.'

After hearing all these, he became clear about the typical way of worshipping by Hindus. Meanwhile the children also came and bowed their heads to Hari and Gita and they blessed them.Hari directed them to go to Noah too and they went near him. He too blessed them in the same way as Hari had done. Thereafter, Noah took a bath and when he came back,Hari put 'Tika' on Noah's forehead as well.By then,Mamata had already prepared breakfast which included some chapattis and tea. This made Noah feel everything like his home.

'Noah, where would you like to go today?'Hari spoke breaking the silence.

'Well, I'm your guest and I will follow you wherever you take me. But I think I'll visit Godavari garden first.'

'Done.From there we will head towards other beautiful places the whole day. We'll enjoy Nepali dishes today. Let me show you the magic of Nepali cuisines.'

  They got ready for the tour completing their breakfast and Hari took out his car. Godavari botanical garden was a bit deep inside the jungle. The deeper they went, the cooler the weather became giving a crystal clear view of the Fulchowki hill station loaded with dark clouds and green luscious trees. Reaching there, Hari took tickets and the inside journey began. Noah got some feeling of moving inside a celestial place as shown in the movies. There was a crystal clear creek flowing and they captured some beautiful memories in lens. There was also a grand monastery that gave Noah a feeling of spiritual relaxation. Noah just kept on gazing at the green surroundings without a single word.

'Mr. Guest, what's your view about this place? Anything noticeable?' inquired Mamata.

'If only I could obtain a small piece of land here.'

  Saying this much, he didn't speak any other thing but it was sufficient to reflect his entire feeling.Hari also asked him some questions but Noah remained indifferent to those question.Hari realized that Noah was lost somewhere in his world at the mesmerizing sight of the place before him and he didn't mind Noah's indifference. From there they headed towards the hill station, Fulchowki .On the way, Noah kept on giving his eyes the joy of the scenic beauty.Fulchowki is the place where there is snow in the winter and every year there is a heavy rush of people for seeing this beauty. Having reached there, everyone felt a sort of hunger.

'Baba (Dad) I'm hungry. Let's have something' requested Hari's daughter.

'Yeah baba(dad).I'm hungry, too. Let's quench our hunger,' added son as well.

   They went to a nearby hotel and ordered thuukpa,a Nepali noodle served with soup available both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variety as ordered. They ordered the non-vegetarian one and momos as well, another delicious fast food. The very first bite of momos sprouted fountain inside Noah's mouth relieving him from the monotonous taste of mouth. If happiness and satisfaction had a face, it would be no mistake to say that it could be found in Noah's expression right that moment. The cool atmosphere and similar geographical structure gave him the reflection of his own country. Hari and Mamata were able to notice how Noah was cherishing the moments there which in turn provided satisfaction to them looking at their guest.

'Noah, if your eyes are filled with the vitamins watching the enthralling atmosphere, shall we move to some other place?' asked Hari.

'I think you should let me here. I don't want to retire from this paradise.'

'If you stay here, I won't be able to show you another place which has no comparison in the whole valley. This is just one percent reflection of the place where I'm going to take you now.'

    The way Hari told Noah convinced him that some better places lay concealed that was going to blow him off of his imagination.

'If my host is insisting to leave then I must guess that the place must be better than this small heaven.'

'The one we are going to visit is the top most heaven in the whole valley.Your visit to valley is useless if you don't go there,' Mamata added further explanation.

'So what's that heaven called?' inquired Noah in an excited voice.

'It's Chandragiri Hills, 'replied Hari.

'So what's the delay for? Let's head towards the place,' Noah said.

The children were listening and the son said, 'Chandragiri Hills!Mom, let's stay there tonight, please.'

'Request accepted, 'said Mmata and Hari together.

Everyone got inside the car. On the way to Chandragiri, Noah also noticed the ugly side of Kathmandu. He noticed that in one of the places, dirt and dust had covered the whole area like that of fog.

'Damn it! Why is the place like this?' asked Noah in a shocked voice.

'I guess some construction work is going on,' said Hari.

'Don't they have scientific ways to manage it?'

'Had they got it, our country would have been another Switzerland as told by our leaders.'

  Hari knew that such kind of scenes was abnormal for Noah but that was quite acceptable in case of Nepal. Soon Hari turned the car to a corner and started an uphill climb drive.

'Whoa! Isn't that the cable car?' asked Noah pointing to a distant cable car seen passing above the high altitude of hills.

'Yes, that's our destination,' answered Hari.

'It would be a thrilling adventure to enjoy the peak of hills while moving up in the cable car.'

It wasn't for the first time that he had seen the cable car. He had already enjoyed the rotair in Mount Titlis of Switzerland, world's first rotating gondola which goes over Europe's one of the largest glaciers. What surprised him was the fact that Nepal had also a cable car built in such an amazing way. As they headed forward, the chillness increased. It was such a beautiful place which remained cold regardless of the seasons. Finally, they reached to Chandragiri Cable Car's parking lot. Noah just kept on beauty of that place as well as the beauty of the mega structure of that cable car station.

'Mr. Swiss, shall we return back to the previous hill station?' Hari asked.

Noah realized the humorous but friendly satire behind Hari's remarks and he just kept on smiling. The cable car station was one of the most peaceful places in the whole valley far away from the maddening crowd. Noah realized he would have really regretted if he hadn't gone there. There was a little artificial fountain sprouting from the ground and many other amazing things. While everyone was busy enjoying the sight,Mamata purchased ticket and all of them entered inside the room to board the cable car after the security check.Finally, all of them boarded inside the cable car.

'Where does this cable car stop?' interrogated Noah in some sort of excitement.

'At the top of the hill where the famous temple of Lord Shiva called Bhaleswor Mahadev is located,' Hari replied. As the cable car kept on passing towards the high altitude, a very chilled wind started blowing covering the hills with fog. When the cable car reached the destination, they boarded off. Noah could see that they were at the highest altitude and from there even the flying plane looked like a tiny flying bird. He felt a sort of ecstasy on reaching there and the fog had covered the whole area increasing its thickness. The mesmerizing surrounding accompanied by cool wind had taken away everyone's tiredness. Noah looked at the Sharmas with a sense of thankfulness for letting him explore such an aesthetic place. It was elegance beyond description. There was a temple and also a restaurant with top class service.

'Is this the temple you are talking about?'

'Yes. You nailed it,' replied Hari.

The presence of that temple at the top most part gave Noah spiritual relaxation though he didn't know much about Hinduism. The ambience of that place was so appealing that he was lost into it. They paid homage to the temple and Hari went on explaining more things about it.

'Noah, this place has got historical significance as well.'

'I would love to hear about it,Hari.'

'This was the place from where the great King Prithivi Narayan Shah had started the unification of Nepal.' As he said this, they came across the statue of Prithivi Narayan Shah and captured some pictures. By that time the fog had been replaced by sunlight. However, soon it began raining.

'How amazing! In a fraction of seconds the weather keeps on changing its mood! Isn't this nature's charisma?' Noah began to speak in his own way while the Sharmas looked at him being amazed. 'It's been an hour that I'm here and I've enjoyed the winter, the summer, fog, rain and heavy wind within this hour.'

 There were also Children Park and garden made for the entertainment of visitors. Once again, everyone felt hungry and then they headed to a restaurant. They ordered the foods of their choice and started enjoying them.

'Noah, how's the food?' Mamata asked.

'I don't know how the food is but I know that I've eaten nature so much that I want more and more of it. Right now I feel that there is no any place in the world where I can enjoy the bliss of having food while observing such an eternal beauty of nature. It would be no mistake to say that I'm eating nature with my eyes while I'm enjoying the food in mouth.'

  The way he told it reflected that he had found the elixir of life which he had been yearning for. Everyone had finished the portion of their food and it was the time to return back. As planned before, they would stay at a lodge in Chandragiri but Noah was sad to learn that they had to go back to the place from where they had boarded on the cable car to find a lodge. It occurred to Noah that had he been alone, he would have stayed there only the whole night. Coming back to the cable car station, they went to a lodge to stay that night as requested by the children. They had dinner and for Noah that was the most memorable day which was sculpted somewhere in some corner of his mind. The illuminated sight of valley at night provided him the feeling of Christmas night. With a deep feeling of satisfaction, he got a very intense sleep. The next day, they woke up early in the morning and started their way back to home. On the way there was a heavy traffic jam and they got stuck for nearly about three hours. At that moment, Noah witnessed the unseen face of Kathmandu valley. He saw that some people were randomly crossing the street while some street vendors were busy knocking window after window of every vehicle requesting people to buy their stuffs like water, fruits and even clothes. There was so much honking of the vehicles causing irritation to Noah's ear.

'Why are they honking that way? Haven't they seen the jam ahead or is everyone stopping the cars deliberately? They are honking as if it will help them get out of the jam,' Noah thought to himself.

The jam increased the journey of an hour to almost four hours when they reached home. That day was Saturday and Noah came to know that unlike the other western countries, the Nepalese get day off on Saturday. That day they all stayed at home and the following days Hari took Noah to many other destinations like Swayambhunath, Garden of Dreams, Narayanhiti Royal Palace and so on. He also explained that the palace previously belonged to the Royal family but after the establishment of federalism, it was converted into a museum. While Noah was enjoying his days in Kathmandu, a very sad incident took place in Hari's neighborhood. One of his neighbors expired and Hari had to attend the funeral. As soon as he got the news, he decided to go there.

'Sorry Noah. I've to attend my neighbor's funeral. Please, stay here. I'll be back shortly,' Hari told Noah in hurried tone.

'Can I join you too?'

'Why man? Why do you want to go there?'

'It's because it will provide me an insight regarding the funeral ceremony of Hindu culture. I know that it's not a good time but when can I get such a good chance to observe your culture? When I return back, I'll be limited to my own surrounding once again. After all, attending someone's funeral ceremony is a virtuous act.So please doesn't exclude me from this.'

When Noah gave such a long but subtle explanation, Hari could hardly deny him for the participation in the funeral ceremony.

'Mamata,take care of the children. We'll be back shortly.'

Both of them came out and marched towards the neighbor's house which was located just a few blocks away. By the time they reached there, there was already crowd of people. Relatives, kiths and kins, neighbors, friends and everyone else had gathered for attending the funeral ceremony. Noah noticed that there was a man who was commanding the deceased's family to do different things. When Noah asked Hari about it, he told that the man was priest who is generally called for every kind of rituals in the Hindu culture. Everything was prepared and the dead body was kept in an open coffin made out of bamboo near by basil, the holy plant.

'Hari,will the body be buried as we do in our culture?'

'No,it will be burnt.'

'What's that yellow cloth covering the body?'

'That's our pious religious cloth printed with God's name which we use in almost every occasion ranging from praying to funeral ceremonies.'

With the explanations given by Hari,Noah had acquired a good deal of knowledge regarding the cremation ceremony of Hindus.

'Where will the cremation take place then?'

'It will be taken to the Pashupatinath temple, the pilgrim for all the Hindus around the world. Every ritual was completed and the coffin was carried by four persons.Pashupatinath was pretty far away from that place. On the way, Noah became familiarity with some more dark sides of Kathmandu valley like the unmanaged waste and garbage, random settlement, congested traffic and so on. However, the beauty that he had enjoyed in the preceding days surpassed those dark sides. He felt that many things would have been better if those dark sides were managed properly. Finally, the funeral procession arrived at Pashupatinath temple. He saw that it was a grand temple that had a cemetery near by Bagmati,the holy river. The priest came and performed some more rituals and the feet of the deceased was washed in the flowing water. A pyre was already kept there and the dead body was given funeral fire by the deceased's son. There was a gloomy atmosphere as everyone began crying. While all these things were tragic for Noah as well, he noticed that the periphery of that place was filled with several groups of other people who were busy in something else. This grew his interest that place.

'Hari, can we stay here to have a look at the periphery of this place?'

'Sure, we can. But let's go home first as we need to have a bath after participating in the funeral procession.'

  As the funeral ceremony was over, Noah and Hari returned back, had a bath and changed their clothes.Hari changed the sacred thread as well.

'Have you dolled up, Noah?' Hari asked.

'Yes, almost done.'

  As promised by Hari, both of them headed back to the Pashupatinath temple. When they reached there, Noah saw that still several other dead bodies were being cremated.

'Hari,is the cremation of dead bodies a clock work here?'

'Yes, it is. Do you know one interesting thing? The day they don't have any dead bodies to cremate, they make a dead body out of sacred grass in Hindu religion called 'Kush' and cremate it.'

Noah was quite astonished by such an interesting fact.

'Will you take me inside the temple as well?'

'Sorry to tell you but the entrance is strictly only for Hindus.' Noah was a bit sad to hear this. 'But you can visit around the main temple. I'll take you there and let you know about this pilgrimage in more details'. Noah thought that something was better than nothing and he moved with Hari to enjoy the periphery of the temple. Noah was astonished to see many other tourists like him roaming around the temple. Even many Muslims and Buddhists were there for the visit. In a sense of anxiousness he asked Hari, 'See there. I noticed some Muslim guys as well. What's that?'

'It's Nepal buddy. They are concerned about fraternity and possess a sense of respect for every religion. They invite us for Eid and we invite them for Dashain.That's the charm of our country. Temple or mosques, no difference.'

  Noah nodded his head in satisfaction. At the bank of Baghmati River, Noah saw some people with a baby, perhaps six or seven months old and a priest. The baby was dressed in some colorful typical Nepali dress.

'Hari,what's going on there?'he asked pointing towards that place.

'That's the weaning ceremony. After reaching six months, a baby is fed with rice and other cereals.'

   He also saw many other religious rituals being carried out. At one point he saw a man holding water in his hand and the priest was chanting some mantras.Hari looked at Noah and knew that he was inquisitive about it. Hence, before Noah could ask anything, Hari began.

'This is our death rites. To tell you in simple language, it's the ritual performed by a son to his dead father or mother as a mark of respect for begetting him and making him capable of standing in this world.'

 Noah just gave a smile as his query was answered even before he opened his mouth about it. Also some people were singing hymns while some were carrying out even marriage and baptism ceremony. As evening fell, more and more people began to swarm there. He was busy capturing those unique and striking moments in his lens. In the evening there was a grand pray by the priests in which a large number of people participated and this was a clock work routine of the temple in the evenings. In fact, evening was the time which would create a different atmosphere of devotion and a spiritual ambience. The thing that impressed Noah he most was its inclusiveness aspect in which the people of all religion would come for visit and all the rituals of life like birth, death, baptism, marriage etc. could be witnessed there.

'A wonderful place to visit,' Noah thought to himself. 'How amazing to see the rituals of all the stages of life in the same place participated by the people of all the religion! It wouldn't be a mistake to say that it's a cosmopolitan temple with a cosmopolitan cemetery. The only cemetery that witnesses all the phases of human life.'The only thing he felt bad about the place was that he could not go inside to see the God but what he had seen and experienced observing the things around was priceless. It was already dark in the evening and they returned back. Having reached Hari's home, he posted those pictures in his blog under the title 'The Cosmopolitan Cemetery.' Also he posted the pictures of visit to Chandragiri, Godavari and all those places he had visited.

 The next day Hari told Noah that he had booked tickets for visiting Mustang, the heaven on the earth. Noah knew from Hari that every Nepalese people dream of visiting the place called Mustang once in their lifetime. It was the topmost destination even among the tourists as the visit to Nepal would be useless if Mustang was not kept in the bucket list. Noah was told about the exciting bike trip to Mustang which Hari had planned. To be frank, that was a surprise package for him as Hari had already arranged everything required for the trip including tickets, hotel for stay and even bike by hiring from one of his friends who had vehicle lending business. Noah watched the vlogs of Mustang on YouTube and they totally enticed him. When a few days for the trip were left, sensational news broke out creating terror in the global scenario. A new species of virus called Corona Virus, popularly known as COVID 19 had broken out from Wuahn,China, creating pandemic havoc worldwide. It had already spread to several European countries including Italy, France and other countries of Asia, Africa as well. Countries around the world had started sealing everything and had started imposing even lockdown. In Nepal also its cases were rumored to have entered though no any cases were seen.

'Hari,did you hear the news? A pandemic called Corona has broken out. It's a very deadly virus affecting the respiratory system. I'm worried Hari.What if I get stuck here?'

'Yes, I heard it. You can stay here as long as you like no problem'.'

'But Hari,how can I stay here leaving my family in Switzerland?' interrupted Noah.'I'm totally paralyzed thinking whether I can meet my family or not.'

The jolly moment was now filled with melancholic atmosphere. Noah felt sorry for not contacting his parents though he had promised to keep in touch regularly.

'Let me see if I can do something. Do not panic,' said Hari.

    Nepal had not seen any such active cases at that time and everything was going normal though the rumor about the imposition of lockdown was heard.Hari went to the Swiss embassy with Noah to know about if the returning process was cancelled due to the outbreak of pandemic. And thank God that Nepal Government was collaborating with all the embassies for safe returning of people of different nationalities before the situation worsened. Noah's returning visa was given in a day and he was now in great relief that he could return back to his country. His return was stamped for October 25, 2019, almost a month prior to his visa expired. As his ticket was fixed,Hari gifted him the unique Nepali flag in rectangular shape,a small statue of Buddha with the message that 'Buddha was born in Nepal',khukuri and many other gifts which delighted him. Few days later, the day for his departure came.Hari had booked a taxi for going to airport and they put him tika on the forehead. All of them including the children went to the airport to see him off. As they reached airport and came out, Noah was totally off as he was going to depart from them.

'Probably this is my best travel experience till now,' Noah spoke in a shaking voice and teary eyes. The hospitality that you have provided me can't be described in words. All that I can say about you and this beautiful under rated country is 'Wow.' We will be far away physically but the memories that I've cherished here will always keep me near to you each and every moment.'

Then Hari began, 'We did our best to make your stay as comfortable as we could. If there was any up and down during your stay at our home, I'd like to apologize on the behalf of the whole family.'

Noah was grateful for everything to the Sharmas and the memories of visit to Nepal were permanently etched in his mind. The announcement for the security check was made and Noah hurried up taking his luggage. Then he gave a final look at the children and spoke to them.

'Ok little champs .Time to depart.Will miss you, too.' He took out $100 note and gave it to them. 'Good bye.Oops!Namaste,' Noah joined his hands. 'Stay blessed my superstars.'

He blessed them by putting his hands on their head. The Sharmas too greeted him saying 'Namaste.' He went inside and soon became out of sight while the Sharmas waited outside to see his plane taking off. Nearly after an hour the plane took off and they waved an unseen goodbye to Noah from below.

Sandeep Kattel

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Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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