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A Day in the Life of College Teacher

A Day in the Life of College Teacher

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Disclaimers: This piece of writing has nothing to do with someone's routine in real life. Any such kind of proximity with someone's life is merely a coincidence

Hello, good people. How are you doing? Hope that everyone is at the peak of their sound health and sound mind with all the blessings of life. Today I have come to share a day's routine of a college teacher. I don't have any name. You can call me just college teacher. Like many other college teachers, I have my routine which is almost identical everyday. It also applies in case of other teachers as well regardless of the subject they are associated with. I don't want to beat about the bush and bore you with extra lines. So here it is.

Being a college teacher, my typical day starts with an alarm clock early in the morning. Oops!Sorry. Not early in the morning. It starts the previous night only since I've to go through the the topics to be taught a day before the class. Around 9 PM I get engaged with the subject materials for the next morning's class. When everyone is in bed with a cozy feeling by switching the lights off,my room remains illuminated and perhaps that's the only place in the whole house where light remains on. In the wilderness of night,I begin sorting out the chapters to be taught which takes a good deal of time. This continues approximately for an hour and then I go to bed.

Then comes the next day, the day when I have to attend class. As I told in the beginning, my early morning starts with an alarm clock at 4:30 .If I don't wake up at this time, I will get delayed for the classes. I think that if getting up early was the key to good health and wealth, probably none would be as wealthy and healthy as me. However, this is an exception in my case. Then I do my morning chores like exercising,bathing and all other such morning rituals. But I'm pretty sure about one thing that I am a morning person. Following this, I go to the kitchen so that my stomach remains full and I won't face any problem while taking class. My usual breakfast includes fruits, milk, and some chapatis cooked the night before. I'm fond of chapatis and milk. So I have it even if it's stale as it has a different taste.This takes me around fifteen minutes and I'm ready for the battle of the day. My battle ground, sorry. My college is pretty far away to be covered on foot because of which I have to use a vehicle as it gives me the wings like a Unicorn to fly to college. Once I start my vehicle, I get into it. However, sometimes it's problematic ,specially in the winter season. The reason is that it won't start due to extreme cold and I have pull the accelerator hardly which causes the bike to vroom harshly and roughly. Sometimes my neighbors, who are in sound sleep in the morning, wake up due to the roaring dud-dug of my bike.

And the journey to the battlefield starts(college-never mind for calling it battlefield.)The good thing is that I'm never alone on the way as I get to meet other people like me who've come out for the same purpose. This gives me a certain delight that I'm not only the one to wake up early. As soon as I reach college, I greet my fellow teachers(call them colleagues) and a make some chit-chats with them. Then I move into the class after the bell goes. Everyday I get to experience better and bitter incidents in my battel field. If everything goes normally, I don't have to get tensed as the students harmonize with me but sometimes some unexpected situations are caused. However, I have become quite used to of with such situations, too. There's nothing that I can do except being used to of them and this has taught me the value of compromise.

It's only in the afternoon ,I get to have my food. Sometimes even this doesn't come to my luck because of lack of time. What can be more tragic than this that you're working to fuel your stomach but you don't get time even for this?Well,that's a part of life and I've learnt to compromise with these odds,too.I simply think that 'It happens' and then move on. Having done with the classes in the evening, I return home with an exhausted body.My energy level is totally down at this point. My mother's smiling face and that of other family members relieves me from this. I have my lunch after I fresh up. Yes, you read the truth. Around 6PM ,I get to have my lunch. I've separated some time foe entertainment as I watch T.V.However,I don't have fixed channels to watch as I scan through several channels and I stuck to a channel only if I find something that suits my interest. Most of my leisure time is occupied by reading self books. I highlight ,underline and jot down any point that I find worth noting.(Sometimes I even write but I haven't published anything yet. Just write for fun.)In between these times,the supper gets ready and I go to the kitchen. It's the only place where all the family members meet together at the same time. It's at this time that we make some gossips and share about the happenings of the day. Then again I go to my room to prepare for the next day's class. Like Sisyphus, I end up my day doing and preparing the same thing.

Beyond Routine Life

Being an educated person in the family has a different joy. Everyone sees you with the eyes of respect. Even in the community, people have a different perspective for me because of my qualification and my job as I teach in college. It boosts my self-esteem and every new person is charmed when I tell them about myself. I don't know about other things but I've earned respect and prestige at the optimum level. But prestige and respect aren't sufficient to run life. If prestige and respect could be cashed in in the market of life, I would become the richest man ever for in every hundred meters, I get greeted and respected by many people. However, one needs to be practical as it can never be possible. My neighbor tells me that I've done a good thing by studying. Once he told me that if he had got a chance like me to study, he would have done much more things. When I hear him saying this, I feel my chest being stabbed. He hasn't passed even tenth standard. However, he is the owner of many businesses. He never trades time for money. It keeps on coming to him even if he doesn't work.

All these scenarios compel me to rewire my brain and contemplate about myself. I often think about what great shot I made because of my qualification and what loss did he bear by being a tenth standard failed person? From time to time,he takes me on a visit to different places and he's the one who pays for everything. If I wish to take him for a visit, I've to think several times because I've to risk the salary of the whole month for that purpose which I dare not do. When I go to the market for purchasing something, I find many of my students setting up their own businesses. They greet me with a smile on their faces and never get tired of praising me saying that they've never seen a teacher like me.(I'm not sure if they say the same thing with other teachers as well.)Also, they give me the full credit for what they're doing today. As I told earlier, respect and prestige won't run the wheel of life. Then I pay them and check my purse to make sure that I've enough money for other purposes. If not then I think of probable persons with whom I could borrow some money as I should sustain until I get my paycheck. Probably a boatman and a teacher are identical to each other. A boatman helps thousands of people cross a river and reach their destination but he remains forever in the same place anticipating someone who would come to his boat so that he could get money from them for helping them get across the river. And in my case too, I've helped thousands of students to reach their destination at the cost of myself being stuck in the same place. And this will continue to go on and on.

Sandeep Kattel

Blog Writer

Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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