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The Go Giver

The Go Giver

What if you could know the secret to running a successful business?What if those secrets are not any expensive thigs that need to be purchased,but are simple qualities that you need to scale your business to the top?Learn those five simple principles through this beautiful parable of a man called Joe. Feedbacks are welcomed.

A man named Joe, was an employee in a company called Classon Hill Trust Corporation. He was a laborious guy who was ready to go to any extent in order to fulfill his aim. If said in  technical terms, he was a ‘Go Getter ’which means a laborious guy who is ready to fight with any circumstances and situations to concretize the goals . Inspite of his hardworking nature ,he was not able to get success  since he was not able to fulfill the third quarter quota of his company on time. This was really challenging for him since he had missed the first and the second quarter quota as well. He was confronted with the greatest disaster when he knew that  a man called Karl Kellerman, had given the responsibility of looking after his company’s account to another person called Neil Hansen. In such a critical condition, Joe’s friend, Gus appeared promising to help him. He promised to fix Joe’s meeting with a man called Pindar ,who was also called Chairman from whom Joe would learn the five laws of stratospheric success that could be applied in business as well as personal life for achieving success.

   The next day Joe went there where he was supposed to meet with Pindar. Pindar was a man of magnificent personality who always dolled up in his looks .When Joe had met him that day, he was wearing pale blue  shirt and light blue jacket which added an extra charm to his magnificent personality. Besides ,he was also highly attracted by Pindar’s extravagant and beautiful bungalow. When Joe met with Pindar ,he promised to teach Joe the five laws of stratospheric success in the condition that if Joe didn’t apply them the very day he learned them, Pindar would not teach the remaining laws which Joe accepted happily. The first law that Pindar was supposed to teach Joe was the law of value and to teach him about this law, Pindar took Joe to a person called Ernesto Iafrate ,who was the owner of an Italian-American café, half dozen of restaurants and $100 million real estate as well. His success journey had begun from a simple hot dog business. Around his café there were about half dozen of  restaurants which sold  the same quality of hot dogs like the one found in his café .However, Ernesto surpassed all of them because he was able to add value to people’s life. He didn’t do anything special to add value to the customer of his café. He simply used to keep in mind the the name of children visiting his café, their favorite color, cartoon heroes and so on. Because of this, the children had started bringing their parents as well to the café and Ernesto would keep in mind the hobbies of the parents , their likes and dislikes as well. This had added value to their life since it was not done by any other restaurants .Hence, the first law that is the law of value says that ‘Your true worth is determined by how much you give in value than you take in payment. ‘Ernesto had given priority to his customer by learning about their likes, dislikes and things of their interest which was more than the value that one gets by making payments which is priceless. Having learned the first law of success, Joe returned back to his office when he was phoned by a lawyer named Jim Galloway who was Joe’s good friend. He told Joe that Joe’s company would not be given the contract of looking after the multinational firm as they were in need of such a company which had a good overseas connection .This made Joe sad. Although Joe’s company had lost the contract, he referred Edward Barnes name to Jim since Edward had a good overseas connection. Here, Joe applied the very first law by referring Edward’s name in spite of the fact that Edward was his competitor. He had given value to Edward although he was Joe’s competitor.

     In order to learn the second law ,that is the law of compensation, Joe went to a woman named Nicole who was the CEO of Learning System for Children, Inc. Previously, she was a grade teacher who was dissatisfied with the way children were taught because there was no any creativity in teaching method since they were made simply to learn and read. Therefore, she collaborated with a software engineer and a marketing related person to develop different educational games that nurtured the hidden creativity and curiosity of children. This helped them develop enthusiasm in learning which upgraded their study as well.  This amazing game of learning was taken to different schools and educational institutions and in a very short period of time around 2.5 million children were able to take advantage of this new way of learning. Nicole had realized that it was difficult to teach the children through the traditional teaching method as only 25-30 students could be taught at a time in a single class. However, when she upgraded that traditional teaching method by developing it as a game, 2.5 million children were able to learn in a fun way at a time which helped Nicole increase her income and status by growing over $200million annually. The second law, the law of compensation says that ‘Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. ‘It means if your service is able to serve maximum number of people, your income will get doubled and tripled automatically. Nicol’s company as growing so fast because she had compensated the need of the school children through her service which was not thought by any other educational institution. From there Joe dropped Pindar at his home where Rachael served them freshly grounded hot coffee which Joe liked a lot. She also gave him that freshly grounded coffee powder for which he thanked her a lot .Joe went to his office and served the coffee  to al his office workers made from that freshly grounded powder given by Rachael which made them happy. He applied the second law, that is the law of compensation at his office among his co-workers since he had served them the coffee with an open heart which had delighted everyone.

      The third law  was the law of influence. According to the third law, ’Your influence is determined by how abundantly you put other people’s interest first and to learn about it ,Joe’s meeting was fixed with Sam Rosen who was the head of Liberty Life Insurance and Financial Company. Rosen had helped the company grow since he alone had helped his branch earn more than three quarter of money. However, before that he had struggled very much as he was just an insurance agent and it was only later on that he had established himself as a successful person. He collaborated with several non-profit organizations to help the poor ,helpless and the needy people. Which increased his image among the people. This also helped him to increase his image as a philanthropic person and assisted in expanding his network with the world’s leading donors and philanthropist. In fact, this very network  that he had developed was the secret of his success. Generally, network means the people whom we know but in broader terms it’s the company of such people who  know us, like us and trust us .In other words, they are the Army of Ambassador who who want our progress and well being. They help other people join our network which increases our goodwill. If we prioritize other people’s interest, it ultimately emerges as a fruitful network for our further endeavors. If we can make a positive impact in other people’s life keeping in mind their interest, it creates a positive compound effect in our life. Coming out from there Joe went home directly and he found his wife Susan working in the kitchen. They had separated half an hour a day to talk and share about the happenings of the whole day at their office. However, that day that time was already gone .When Susan became quiet realizing this fact, Joe requested her to continue with her talks. Susan opened her heart about a conflict with one of her colleagues at the office that day , burst into tears and fell asleep in Joe’s embrace. Joe applied the third law here because he gave importance and interest on Susan’s gossip instead of sharing his own.

  To know about the fourth law, the law of authenticity, Joe was  taken to a woman , Debra Davenport, the real estate agent. She was  invited as the chief speaker in an annual sales discussion program. She was a divorcee and mother of two children. She had faced several hardships as a real estate agent in the past as she was not able to prosper in her real estate business. One day she had a woman as her last client whom she wanted to show a house. She took the woman to the house that was intended to be sold. Instead of talking as a client with her that day, Debra just talked to her ,had gossips about different topics and listened to her feelings as well. This made the woman happy as Debra had presented herself as a good friend. Because of Debra’s friendly nature, the woman fixed the deal of buying that house and the husband of that woman arranged Debra’s meeting with many other probable clients which increased her real estate business. The fourth law, the law of authenticity says that, ’The most valuable thing that you have to offer is yourself. ’No matter how educated you are, what trainings and skills you have got, you are your most important commodity. Sometimes it makes sense to talk to everyone openly regardless of who we are and this is a very important feature required in any field. Thereafter, Joe went office at about 5 P.M. when he saw Gus coming out of the office. Upon Joe’s request, Gus stayed there for sometime. Joe, who always used to see his employees just as employees, talked openly with Gus as a friend. He also appreciated everyone’s effort in the office openly. He applied the fourth law there only as he didn’t behave as a manager that day but simply appeared as a friend opening his inner feelings out which uplifted his image.

   Pindar invited Joe at his house to learn about the last law, the law of receptivity. Having reached Pindar’s home Rachael took Joe at the roof where Pindar was waiting for him. In course of having conversation, Pindar asked Joe if it was better to take gifts or give gifts to which Joe replied that giving was better. Hearing the answer, Pindar made Joe exhale for a minute which he couldn’t do even for half a minute. Pindar told him that like in the breathing system, it’s not possible to inhale only or exhale only, in life also either only receiving gift or giving gift is not possible as giving and receiving are two way process. Rejecting someone’s gift is boasting and being rude which might make the person be angry with us. Hence, receiving and giving are reciprocal to each other which we have to accept delightfully. Therefore, the law of receptivity says that, ’The key to effective giving is to stay open to effective receiving. ’Learning about that final law, he returned back to his office as it was the last day to fulfill the third quarter quota of his company. In the mean time ,he was phoned by Neil Hansen. Neil Hansen was the same person whom Carl Kellerman had given the contract of Big Kahuna company seizing it from Joe in the last moment. Neil had got Joe’s number from Joe’s competitor ,Edward Barnes ,whom  he had  referred  to Jim Galloway. Joe had helped Edward’s company by referring it to Jim Galloway in return for which he was offered to be the business partner which he accepted with an open heart. Joe applied the law of receptivity here as he had accepted the gift of receiving partnership happily without any hesitation .He was open to their offer which proved to be fruitful for him.

Sandeep Kattel

Blog Writer

Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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