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Stranded on an Island

Stranded on an Island

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                                                                        Chapter 1

                                                             Stranded on an Island

The tides in the ghoulish sea were at their peak. It seemed as if
they would swallow up anything that dared to stand in their way.
There was a rush of animals on that island as the dominating water
had encroached upon their territories. However, at one place on
that island, where the land and the sea met, a different scene could
be witnessed. A man was lying on the ground. His body was being
pushed by the deadly waves, but he was not reacting. Oblivious to
the circumstances going on around him, he was completely
unconscious. The persistent waves kept pushing him, as if
desperately breathing life into his still body. But he kept lying there,
without making any movement. A while later, his body shook a
little. And then, he weakly moved his hands and tried getting up
using all his effort. But a sudden wave of water pushed him, and he
slipped into the shallow marshland. He, once again, supported his
weight on his hands and knees, and tried to stand up, but couldn't.
He was too feeble to stand on his two legs. He was panting badly.
The incessant gushes of waves were also not making life easier for
him. He was somehow clinging to the slippery and muddy ground.
He took some deep breaths and fully opened his eyes. The
scene around him sent a ripple of shiver down his abdomen. With
eyes wide-opened, he saw nothing else but a vast expanse of water.
“Oh, God! Where have I come?” He looked bamboozled, as he
unsuccessfully tried to gain some idea about the place he was at.
“Where is that patch of heaven and. . .”
A sudden pulse of excruciating pain jolted his brain as he failed
to recall anything. He vigorously massaged his aching temples and
murmured, “And. . .and that girl?”
The struggle with the pain in his brain gradually worsened.
Suddenly a ghostly figure with blazing red eyes and sharp horns
appeared in front of him.
      “Benjamin, why are you still alive? Just get rid of your life. It's
worth nothing!”
The thunderous voice of the ghoulish figure pierced his ears.
He was not able to comprehend what was happening. All of a
sudden, another figure with a bright halo and a magical wand in its
hand, appeared in front of him. This figure, compared to the
ghoulish figure, looked divine and peaceful.
“Don't listen to him, Benjamin,” the peaceful figure said with
a comforting smile.“Life is too precious to be wasted. Cling to it
whatever may be the circumstances.”
“You fool!” The devilish figure yelled at the peaceful
figure.“What has he got worth clinging to? It's already futile for
him! He could never be the one that he desired and meant to be!”
     The ghostly figure then angrily looked at Benjamin, who was now
looking flabbergasted, and ordered, “Just stop the flow of oxygen in
your body and give salvation to yourself!”
“No, I urge you. Don't listen to him. Find something worth
living rather than draining away your life in vain,” the heavenly
figure requested him in a calm and concerned tone.
    The war of words between the two figures continued while
Benjamin kept looking at them with a perplexed countenance.
Their words were echoing deep into his mind.
      Unable to bear them anymore, he eventually closed his eyes,
cupped his ears with his hands, and let out a loud shout.“Please,
stop! For Christ's sake, stop! I'm already a total mess! So please
don't try to ruin me further with your penetrating words!”
     After a loud shriek, Benjamin once again lost his consciousness
and fell on the marshy ground with a dead thud. The two figures
also disappeared in thin air. The strong sea waves continued
pushing Benjamin's unconscious body, inch by inch, toward the

Sandeep Kattel

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Sandeep Kattel is a Lecturer of English at various collleges in Nepal .He has been writing stories for a long time, but he started publishing them only recently.He is also working on his two books - Family Cafe, which is a novel and another book Defying Odds Optimizing Caliber ,which is a motivational book.He is interested in writing short stories related to contemporary issues.

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